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More Classes by Jackie

These are classes that are not currently scheduled. Contact Jackie if you'd like to schedule them -- or a custom class -- for your group.
Below the list of class topics are six sample class descriptions. More of the expanded class descriptions will be posted as Jackie has the time to do so. 

Beginning Candle Magic

(1 short class) One of the simplest and oldest magical tools is the candle. Candles can be burnt offerings -- gifts to the world of Spirit, or the smoke and flame can carry our prayers or intentions to the ears of the Gods. We'll explore the ethics of spell-casting; the symbology of color; the role of relaxation and mental focus; working with inscriptions, pictures or objects attached to your candle; working with herbs or essential oils; working with God, Goddess, Angel or Saint archetypes; pre-blessed candles; dressing and charging your own candle; working with the phases of the moon; words of power; and double candle spells. Please bring two candles with you -- one for practice and one for spellwork -- a sharp penknife or pen, and a little vegetable oil or an essential oil with which to dress them.
Jackie is a High Priestess of the Wicca who taught this class to her beginning students. She knows that mood-enhancing colors, evocative smells, sensual textures, the flickering flame and the ritual preparation of the candle, all speak to our unconscious mind and to the realm of Spirit.

Home Cleansing and Protection

(1 short class) It's a good practice to cleanse, bless and seal a dwelling or workplace when first moving in, or a longtime habitation or workplace after a divorce, burglary, tragedy, etc. Cleansing and blessing is also useful when there are troubling incidents with negative energies in a home. Perhaps these energies were left behind from previous inhabitants. Perhaps an individual in the household is going through mental, emotional or physical stress -- or a psychic opening -- and is unconsciously attracting hurtful or parasitic entities. Maybe the home is haunted or contains a portal for energetic entities from other planes of existence. Whatever the cause of the uninvited visitations, if the "unemployed astral entities" or uninvited human energies are creating harm, they must be removed.
In this class we will cover basic home cleansing, blessing and sealing techniques. We will explore different approaches to banishing unwanted energies, the importance of learning mental/emotional control to stop feeding parasites, the use of protective spirit guides/animal totems/archangels or Gods/Goddesses for protection and when it might be time to call in an expert.
Jackie fields questions about this subject often enough that she thought it might be good to teach a class on it. Even if no haunting or invasion is taking place, it makes for a calmer and happier home to keep negativity and "things that go bump in the night" at a distance. Jackie has been working in metaphysical areas for 30 years.

Interpretive Tarot Reading

(1 short class) A professional tarot reader blends together multiple sources of information when doing an interpretive reading. Putting this all together is an art that takes some practice to learn. See a live demonstration of how this is done in this class.
Jackie will talk about the individual meanings of each card, numerology in the tarot, the elemental meanings of the cards (Earth, Air, Fire and Water), the cards' placement in a particular spread, the contextual influence of the cards on each other and received psychic information. She will demonstrate in a real-time, narrated reading how she combines these elements. She hopes that this demonstration will be informative and will encourage you to find your own way of doing an interpretive reading. Bring along any deck based on the Rider-Waite tarot if you'd like to follow along with your own cards.
Jackie has been reading professionally for over 25 years, has taught tarot classes and is the Thursday and Friday psychic reader at Isis.

Learn to Read the Tarot 

Learn to Use the Pendulum

(2 short classes) The Pendulum is one of the simplest divinatory tools to use. In this class, learn the basics of Pendulum Divination, including: picking up energy fields from plants, animals or gemstones; penduling for nutrition; getting yes or no answers; the pendulum and the ouija board; the similarity to muscle testing and dowsing; how to pick your pendulum for purchase and penduling as an adjunct to other divinatory tools. Most pendant necklaces can be used as a pendulum, even a key or a ring on a string. Most metaphysical stores have a nice selection of pendulums for sale. Bring something with you that you can use as a pendulum in this class.
Jackie is a High Priestess of the Wicca and a professional psychic and healer. She has taught psychic development classes for years through metaphysical stores and at Colorado Free University.

Meditation, Hypnosis and Altered States

(1 afternoon, or 2 short classes, could also be an ongoing class with different meditations each week) The altered state of mind that we call meditative state, trance state or hypnotic state is common to all human races and cultures, and an important part of most religious or spiritual practices. These trance states help us to learn relaxation and stress reduction. They give us access to our creativity and core beliefs, to our innate healing wisdom, to our psychic and magical powers, to past lives, to other planes of existence and to the realm of spirit guides and gods.
What are the altered states? How do we enter trance in free, easy, safe and everyday ways that are drug and alcohol free? How do we learn to go in and out of them at will? Come get some background on this topic and experience three different meditation techniques for accessing the state of mind that connects you with the Divine.
Jackie has taught meditation and self-hypnosis and led hundreds of guided journeys. She has over a thousand hours training as a hypnotherapist and uses trance induction techniques as a spiritual counselor, priestess and healer.

The True Meaning of Halloween

(1 short class) Come explore the history of Halloween, including discussion of Samhain, the New Year's Eve of the ancient Celtic peoples of Europe. Come hear of the old rituals and symbols of Samhain, when the veil between the worlds was thin -- a good time to contact the spirits of the dead. Hear how the customs of wearing costumes, lighting jack o' lanterns and trick or treating began. And how the both the Ku Klux Klan and the Boy Scouts contributed to our modern celebration of Halloween. We'll share examples of traditional games of divination, and of some particularly clever tricks. Lots of handouts are included.
Jackie is a High Priestess of the Wicca, sometimes called the witches. As a child, Halloween was always her favorite holiday. Even today she produces the Witches' Ball each Samhain. She taught this class for several years through Colorado Free University.

Be Your Own Psychic (Psychic Development) 

        (6 to 10 short classes)

Creating Effective Large Group Rituals             

        (1 or 2 short classes, or 1 afternoon)

A Discussion of Metaphysical Spirituality for Athiests, Agnostics and Skeptics

        (1 short class)

The Elemental Energies: Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit                    

        (5 short classes, or 2 afternoons)

 Energy Healing    

        (5 short classes or 2 afternoons)

 The Ethics of Magickal Practice            

        (1 short class)

The Fight for Pagan/Wiccan Religious and  Political Rights                   

        (1 short class. This class is taught for free.)

The Goddess Returns: A History of the Re-Emerging Divine Feminine           

        (1 short class)

Goddesses of Many Cultures                 

         (1 or 2 short classes, or 1 afternoon)

Introduction to the Tarot          

        (1 afternoon, or 2 short classes)

Learn to Do Self-Hypnosis      

        (1 or 2 afternoon classes)

The Mirror Game: Projection and the Shadow Self      

        (3 short classes or 1 full day)

Harnessing the Subconscious Mind to Find Buried Treasure 

        (1 short class)

Shamanic Religions      

        (2 short classes or 1 afternoon) 

What is Wicca?               

        (1 short class)

Working with Archetypes and Parts of the Self              

        (2 short classes or 1 full day)