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Class Descriptions for Jackie's most popular classes:

Sensitives, Psychics, and Empaths, Oh My! The Challenges of Extraordinary Perception

Have you been told you were "too sensitive"? Can you be over-stimulated by sensory or psychic stimuli? Do you appreciate art, music, performance, fine food and other sensual experiences with keen pleasure? Do you find being in groups to be challenging because you are bombarded by other people's thoughts or energies? Do you cry at sad movies?

If you interact with the world in these -- or similar -- ways, you are probably part of the 20% of the population that are Sensitives. Come take Dr. Aron's short quiz and learn about the gifts, challenges and strategies -- both practical and metaphysical -- of living with extraordinary perception. The three classes in the Sensitives series may be taken separately, but work even better when taken together.

Jackie is a sensitive, psychic and empath who is writing a book about this topic. She has worked as a psychotherapist, spiritual counselor and psychic.

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Becoming an Empowered Empath

If you feel others' emotions or pain, if you take on their illnesses or problems, if you are a natural mimic or chameleon, or if you have problems separating your sense of self from that of others, you are an empath. Because empaths naturally connect energetically with others, they tend to face boundary challenges. This class will discuss the specific gifts and difficulties of being an empath in more detail than in the introductory Sensitives class.

Come learn the three perceptual positions -- Self, Other and Observer -- and how to switch between them. We'll discuss metaphysical and psychological techniques for healthy separation, including disassociation techniques, psychic shielding and energetic cleansing. The three classes in this series may be taken separately, but work even better when taken together.

Jackie knows many empaths, as they are common in metaphysical and healing communities, and she is one herself. Jackie pulls from her metaphysical and therapeutic backgrounds to teach this topic, exploring the areas where the psyche and the psychic overlap.

Psychic Self-Defense

Many Sensitives and spiritual folks have trouble with taking on thoughts, feelings or energies that are not theirs. Psychic self-defense techniques can offer ways to learn healthier psychic boundaries and to keep negativity and curses at bay.

Let us discuss and practice techniques for psychic shielding, cleansing and energy retrieval. We will discuss how the chakras relate to psychic self-defense; assertiveness and building ego strength; attachments, possessions and energy vampires; soul retrieval and shamanic recapitulation. We will also discuss techniques for exploring our own Shadow issues around these areas. These techniques are also important for psychics, energy healers and anyone opening up their psychic abilities or doing out-of-body travel.

Jackie is a High Priestess of the Wicca and a professional psychic and healer.

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Be Your Own Psychic

The first part of this psychic development intensive will include what are psychic abilities; how to open up safely -- grounding, centering and shielding meditations; books and other resources; the challenges of being psychic and the ethics of being psychic. The second part of this class will cover how to develop your psychic abilities, including:  developing the altered state of mind -- a progressive relaxation; psychic development exercises; and a meditation for opening and closing the chakras.

Jackie has taught psychic development classes for many years.

Contact Your Spirit Guides
limit 10 students

Explore the many types of entities functioning as spirit guides, including departed friends or family, angels, guardians, ascended masters, gurus, gods, animal familiars or totems, nature spirits, and more. Jackie will demonstrate a couple spirit guide readings to show how each of us has a unique group of spirit helpers, then will lead the class into deep relaxation and connection with the realms of spirit. Students will practice reading two class members, then Jackie will relay a spirit guide message for each class member who has not yet received information from her.

Jacqueline Weller is a psychic reader at Isis who has taught 40 different metaphysical classes over the last 30 years.