Jackie's Services

Jackie has many spiritual tools available to help you grow and prosper.
 Her goal is real-world results won by connecting with Spirit within.
Psychic Readings - Jackie has been a professional psychic  

reader for 30 years, using the tarot cards and pendulum as her main divinatory tools. Channeling the information from the Divine realm, she receives information through things she sees (clairvoyance), things she hears (clairaudience) and things she feels or knows (clairsentience). Jackie draws from the past, present and future to help you find answers to your questions about your life purpose, spiritual path, work or business, relationships, health, past lives and more. She can also introduce you to your Spirit Guides, or help you contact family, friends or loved ones who have passed to the afterlife.


Spiritual Counseling - Jackie worked for a dozen years in Colorado as a psychotherapist using hypnotherapy. Nowadays she works as a spiritual counselor. From her experience as a minister, priestess, healer, counselor and teacher, Jackie can make suggestions to help you improve your own ability to connect and work with your divine Guidance. If desired, she can recommend spiritual techniques or exercises to help you change your life or increase your success and happiness.
Through past life regression and other hypnotic (trance journeying) techniques, Jackie can help you explore past lives, discover your life purpose, solve contemporary problems, discover the roots of illness and healing and untangle multi-lifetime relationship threads. She can also help you forge a personal connection to Divinity.
Energy Healing - Additionally, she can employ healing techniques -- sometimes in conjunction with hypnosis or visualization -- to promote mind/body health.
Ministerial Services - Jackie can be hired to perform weddings, handfastings, memorial services, Wiccanings, croning rituals and other life transitional rituals. She is also available for house or business cleansings and blessings.

Psyche Opening the Golden Box, Waterhouse, 1903