Energy Healing

Jacqueline Weller uses energy healing techniques -- sometimes in conjunction with hypnosis or visualization -- to promote mind/body health. In addition to employing techniques from Reiki, Therapeutic Touch and intuitive information channeled to her by Spirit, she can teach you to pull energy from a variety of sources for healing or the recharging of your personal energy stores.

Her services include:
  • aura scanning and balancing
  • energetic draining of inflammation and pain
  • energetic recharging
  • energetic boundary work:  cleansing and soul retrieval
Additionally, she can assist in writing hypnosis (programming) scripts and producing audio tapes or CDs that can complement the energy work.

Jackie's basic fee is $95. per hour or $50. for the half hour for these services.

Additional Aspects of Healing

A recent simple injury may only take one or two energy sessions to clear out. More complex injuries or longstanding illnesses will more likely take multiple sessions to impact, although unearthing an emotional or karmic root cause can often bring surprisingly swift results.

If a client is benefiting -- in conscious or unconscious ways -- from an injury or illness, they will usually not heal until they address that issue. Similarly, if the client does not believe that healing is possible, or that they deserve to be well, it will make the healing more difficult to achieve. That is why mental and emotional factors may additionally need to be addressed for energy healing to be effective.

Our health is the sum of many factors, including inherited tendencies/family karma, our ability to deal with stress, our amount of stress, our nutrition, exposure to toxins, exercise or lack of it, sleep or lack of it, personal karma, spiritual balance or imbalance, exposure to allergens or infectious agents, mental and emotional health, belief systems, etc. Every client and every infection or injury is unique. Thus, every healing is unique.

In addition, if someone is ready to leave this earthly plane, no amount of healing energy can make them stay alive. Nor should we attempt to keep them here against their will. In those cases, loving, healing energy can help the dying client be more calm, comfortable and relaxed, and can thus smooth and assist their passage from this plane to the next. Helping calm and relax the dying can often lower their pain and discomfort as well.