Ministerial Services

 Jacqueline Weller offers a variety of ministerial services. She can help you write and/or perform  those transition ceremonies that mark the important passages in our lives, including:
  • weddings and handfastings
  • interfaith and same-sex marriage
  • Wiccaning or Paganing rituals
  • coming-of-age ceremonies
  • croning rituals
  • other custom ceremonies

 Ceremonies:                                                                                                                        A non-refundable deposit of $50 will reserve your requested date.

Basic wedding or handfasting ceremony in central metro Denver including a telephone or live consultation/planning session of up to one hour                                                            $200




Basic Memorial Service                                                                                               $150

Other Ceremony                                                                                                       varies

 Additional Charges

Custom Ceremony                                                                                              $50-$100


Attending wedding rehearsal or dinner                                                                          $50


Mileage/gas expense                                                                                                varies


 Jackie is no longer doing House Cleansing and Blessing/Smudging
 Blessing/cleansing a medium home or office in south Denver                                          $100 
 Blessing/cleansing a large home or office, or more driving time, and/or instruction in psychic   shielding                                                                                                           $125 -$150