Psychic Readings

Treat yourself to the gift of an insightful, in-depth reading from Jacqueline Weller, or give someone else this rewarding and powerful experience. Gift certificates are available.
  • individual and couples readings
  • tarot, pendulum and psychometry
  • mediumship
  • Spirit Guide readings
  • past, present and future
  • life purpose/spiritual path
  • finances, work, business
  • relationships and love
  • past life readings and regression
Jackie's fee for all readings is $50 per half hour or $100 per hour.
Jackie can meet you at Isis Metaphysical Books, 2775 S. Broadway, Englewood, or other locations in south or central Denver. You may pay with cash or debit/credit charge.
Contact Jackie directly at 303-935-6700 to check her availability and make an appointment.
Other Locations and Telephone Readings

An additional travel fee may apply if your location is more than a 15 minute drive away.

You can pay with cash at that time, or in advance through PayPal. PayPal allows payment by credit or debit card, using e-mail. You do not need to be a member of PayPal to use their safe, secure service.
Telephone readings can be scheduled with Jackie for her same fee. Payment should be made in advance through PayPal.

If you want to purchase more than one hour's time for any service, Jackie can send you an e-mail Request for Payment through PayPal for any sum.
Psychic Fairs
Jackie will post her psychic fair schedule on the home page of this website.

Parties and Special Events
Jackie's fee is $100 per hour at parties, with a minimum of two hours and a maximum of three hours. With tarot readings, she can read for four to five guests per hour, considering that a couple minutes are spent for each querant's coming and going.

An additional travel fee may apply if your location is more than a 15 minute drive away. 
If you would like more psychic readings done per hour, consider having spirit guide readings, where Jackie describes the spirits/angels/guides she sees around each subject. Doing that, she can accommodate eight guests per hour with a minimum of two hours and a maximum of three hours.
In either case, the best use of event time is to have a sign-up list and a volunteer who will find the next person on the list. Have each tarot querant prepare in advance a straight-forward question they'd like to ask. For example:  "Am I going to get that job? When?" rather than "What is my life purpose?", as complex questions require more time to answer. If a querant does not have a question, Jackie can do a spirit guide reading.
Jackie recommends hiring multiple readers if you have a larger number of people at your event. Jackie can suggest other psychics.

 Psychic Testimonials

Jackie has been reading for me for 12 years,
in person and by telephone. She has helped
me through enormous personal difficulties and has not only been able to tell me what will happen, but what I should do when it does.
I have had several psychic readers and Jackie has always been accurate. She has told me things that I never thought possible. She is a warm, delightful, intelligent and engaging woman, always honest and forth-right. I count myself privileged to know Jackie and trust her completely.             
                                        ~ Ruth A.
I not only have always had a great reading from Jackie but I also benefited from her extensive knowledge as a healer and experience as a psychotherapist.
She is compassionate, insightful, extremely knowledgeable and is a great resource to draw upon. I also enjoyed her sense of humor. I find my sessions with Jackie to not only be informative but I always leave feeling better connected spiritually -- and
to myself.
                                       ~ Rinat G.
Dear Jackie,"Living Goddess" and my favorite tarot card reader! I wanted to tell you that you were absolutely right when you did a reading for me at my Halloween party this last October! ...You predicted that I would be making a job change. You also said that I may be getting my Ph.D. but should do so in the next five years. (How you knew about that private goal, I do not know...)
You further predicted that my new position would allow me greater opportunities for creative expression and leadership. You were right. I am now the new executive director and clinical director of ...Hospice!
                                        ~ Pamela M.  
Psychic Biography
Since she was a child, Jackie has been an empath feeling other people's feelings and energies. This is a part of clairsentience (psychic knowing and feeling). As an adult, Jackie discovered that she had other psychic talents as well -- clairvoyance (psychic seeing), clairaudience (psychic hearing), mediumship and healing abilities.
A professional psychic since 1985, Jackie has worked at Isis Metaphysical Books and Gifts, the Elemental Dragon, Herbs and Arts, Metamorphosis, Spiritwise, the Twelfth House, Wings, Cornerstone Books and Peace of Mind. In addition to reading at metaphysical stores, she has read at the Peoples' Fair, the Whole Life Expo, Opus Con, the Athena Festival, the Denver County Fair, the Colorado Renaissance Fair, and at national metaphysical conferences in Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York City.
During the last five years, Jackie finds she is doing the best psychic readings she has ever done. She continues to be amazed and grateful for the spiritual experiences she shares with her clients.